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Free Estimate
Senior Transitioning
A ‘no obligation’ meet and chat with you at your home, to assess the senior transition and/or home staging services that will best meet your needs.  It’s important to be comfortable with whoever you hire!
Changing stages of life requires additional steps, care and understanding. Seniors that are not only moving from their home, but rightsizing their lifestyle will benefit from the personal assistance and resources of this very special service.
Gentle and compassionate guidance throughout the process, to reduce both the workload and the stress, is the primary goal.  Some typical services can include helping to decide what stays and what goes, choosing the best options for how to disburse excess belongings, packing, coordinating movers, setting up the new place and of course ultimately ‘staging‘ the home before going on the market ~ to ensure the quickest and most profitable sale.  We’ll work together every step of the way, because all of this and more are part of the TLC of  ‘Senior Transitioning’ with LiveSimply. This is the heart and soul of the company.
Call for a visit to meet and talk with me, with no obligation or cost to you!  Take a minute to look over the Senior Transition Brochure for more information!Transition-Services_files/Senior%20Transition%20Brochure%20Complete.pdfshapeimage_16_link_0
Consultation: A 60-90 minute comprehensive analysis of your house and property, consisting of a walk-through with the homeowner and/or realtor.  Specific recommendations will be given on focal points to be highlighted, furniture arrangement,
Hands-On: A full fledged staging, using owners furniture whenever possible, in order to transform your house into one that will attract the majority of prospective buyers.  Service includes streamlining, re-organizing, and suggestions for making any necessary improvements that will be beneficial in getting the house sold as quickly as possible!
Simply explained ...
Moving yourselves, moving mom and dad, or being left with a house to deal with, are all stressful life events.  LiveSimply will be there to lean on and to guide you through whatever transition process you are undertaking
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The FAQ page has answers to many common questions!  If you don’t see an answer to YOUR question, feel free to contact me any!shapeimage_22_link_0shapeimage_22_link_1
depersonalization, room flow, color choices, curb appeal and more.  Note taking is encouraged, and a verbal checklist is given prioritizing thoroughly detailed steps to help guide the ‘do it yourselfer’ to stage your home effectively.