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Deb’s business cards use phrases which describe what she does perfectly.  She helps people in all phases of moving.  “Live Simply”, “Senior Transitions” and “Home Staging” all have a place in her business background.  When you call and leave a message, she returns your call.

I have known Deb for almost a year.  I was forced to leave our last house at the Highlands of Pittsford due to lack of accommodations for my husband, ill with vascular dementia.  She was an expert in decisions and logistics, and was a priceless resource for me during that time!  She is a cooperative worker.  She helps you from A-Z, making those last minute decisions for every object you have.  And...her prices are reasonable too!

Once my husband passed, she stepped up to move me again, when I decided to live in RI near my son.  She’s a comfort and blessing for any transition ~ and so much more. 

                                                                            Bobbie Reifsteck
                                                                            Wakefield, RI

I live over 200 miles away from my elderly parents, so when they sold their home I became very concerned about how I would be able to help. My work and family responsibilities do not allow me much flexibility to travel for long periods of time, so I knew I would have to find someone in Rochester to provide assistance. Miraculously, I was connected with Deb through a colleague of my husband’s, and all my worries faded. When hired, Deb immediately contacted my parents and worked with them personally and diligently on a strategy to sell or donate their household items. She conducted a successful household sale, and then helped my parents physically move twice, since their new home was not ready in time for their house closing and they were forced to live in an apartment for three weeks.

Through this hectic and stressful process, Deb’s services were invaluable. Not only did Deb provide my parents professional moving and downsizing services, but she also gave them expert decorating and space-saving ideas in their new home, which looks fabulous and is very comfortable. Above all, Deb’s warm demeanor and compassion brought my parents much joy and peace during a very stressful time in their lives. They have adopted her as their second daughter, and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Deb to anyone transitioning into a new home. She offers top-of-the line services, at a reasonable price and with a very special touch.

Sandra M. Casey, Altamont, NY

there is no greater feeling than knowing that something you did made a difference, and someone smiled because of it...
Dear Debbie,
WOW!  Thank you so much for creating a transformation of our father’s home that made it look newer, larger and brighter than it ever did before!  The first offer arrived just a day after the house was listed and the sale price was substantially higher than either we or the realtor had anticipated.  Best of all, you accomplished this at no additional cost!  Without your professional, friendly and good humored support we never could have achieved this on our own.
We can’t thank you enough!
Karl and Sue Thielking, Penfield NY
Dear Deb, 

We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for all you did.  Being in Florida for the winter, and deciding to sell our house up north was more than stressful. We were concerned that things would take too long, since we weren’t there.  My family finding you to stage our home was the best thing that could have happened.  Not only did we sell it within 2 weeks, but we got full asking price!  We have no doubt that your well thought out changes did the trick.  You made things so much easier for us!  We will happily be referring you to all of our friends when they move.  

Joyce and Sam Ardillo, Fairport NY

Deb is a most remarkable woman. She was instrumental in my moving from my house to an apartment. I could not have done it without her. In particular, she accomplished the following items with alacrity and responsibility:
 She went through the house with me, organizing things into containers that would move with me or stay for an estate sale.            
 Researched the value of items that were to be liquidated.
 Organized and operated an estate sale.
 Devised a major artistic upgrade (staging) for sale of the house
  Listed house items that needed repair
 Engaged the services of reliable contractors and supervised their work
 Coordinated with the realtor and other interested parties.
I would not hesitate to engage her services for any undertaking that 
she was willing to undertake!

Jack Morse, Perinton NY
Thank you Deb!
We are all incredibly pleased with your recent ‘not so extreme’ makeover of my Dad’s independent-living apartment. With your magic touch, you transformed his apartment into a warmer and much more personal home. With a great deal of sensitivity towards his priorities, you listened to his input as well as input from family and crafted a solution that was both cost effective and richly personal. Now Dad proudly shows off his new home.  Thank you so much!
Fred Genett, Rochester NY
Dear Deb,
When it was first suggested to us to get help from a “Home Staging Expert” we thought no way. We thought we can do this. We do not need a stranger coming in and telling us where to put our things and what we should do to improve the appearance of our home. Well as the days went on we became more and more overwhelmed and finally we made the call to you. I credit that call to you as the best thing we did to help us sell our home. Your friendly, warm and sincere personality won us over. Your organizational skills were amazing. You moved things in places that I would have never thought of and it improved the look of our home tremendously. So much so that when our realtor first came to our house “before Deb” we were disappointed in the price that he wanted to list our house for. It was $10,000. less than what we thought. When the day came to actually list the house, “After Deb”, our realtor was amazed. It did not look like the same house. He said he had no problem listing our house now for the extra $10,000. Comments from the realtors showing our home were always the same, “the house was a pleasure to show.” Our house sold in 5 weeks. We told all our friends and relatives to look at our house on line. It never looked so good!
We would and we have recommended you to all our friends and relatives. You are definitely not a stranger any longer. We consider you a good friend and a pleasure to be around.
Thank you so much!
Steve and Sandy Bligh
Dear Deb, 
I just want to write and tell you how grateful I am for all the help you were in those confusing days known as transitioning down.  I simply could not have managed it alone.  But as each day went by it became more and more apparent that this move would work and work well.  There were no calamities ~ no ruffled feathers ~ nothing sold that shouldn’t have been and peace reigned among buyer, sellers, agents and attorneys.
It was a pleasure to with with you and I greatly appreciate all your have done on my behalf.  Your organizing skills and your people skills made everything flow so smoothly.  I will be happy to recommend you to even the fussiest friend!
Thank you Deb.  You’ve been not only a great help, but a wonderful friend as well. Your patience and understanding was invaluable.  As her first grade report card says “works well with others! “
Jane Johnson, Rochester NY

If you are looking for someone to help transition your family member – you’ll never find anyone with a bigger heart and more attention to detail then Deb. I had the pleasure of partnering with Deb to accommodate one of her clients and there were a few things I noticed right away.

Most importantly, Deb cares for her clients as if they are her family. Late evenings, far away drives, family out of town, middle of the night – she is there. Deb’s a fierce advocate for her clients, exactly what I would be looking for if someone was helping my loved one.

She is incredibly detailed oriented, everything from how to handle mail to placement of items exactly (as they were) – she didn’t miss a thing.  As far as staging and decorating, Deb has a great eye. Visitors often mistake apartments Deb has decorated for models!

I absolutely recommend Live Simply Senior Transitions & Home Staging – 100%. Deb is one in a million!

Sue Crounse
Marketing Manager, Heathwood Assisted Living  ~ Penfield, NY

First and foremost, Deb is the kindest and most trustworthy person we have ever met!  This is vitally important because she is relocating your personal belongings and assisting your transition.  Deb is a warm and caring professional who made our transition simple and totally stress-free.

We gave Deb a difficult task; sell all the furniture and many of our personal belongings within a very short period of time. Not only did she accomplish this near impossible task, but she made it fun and enjoyable.  Deb worked tirelessly for us and enabled us to achieve our goal of selling our belongings and moving to NYC, to be with our children and grandchildren. We will forever be grateful for all of her hard work!

With much gratitude,

Neil and Patti Goldstein

Pittsford, NY

We presented Deb with a significant challenge.

It was time for us to move to a home that was more accommodating to a lifestyle that had become handicapped by age and physical limitations. Our lovely center entrance colonial had become completely full of everything that one accumulates over 37 years (if you keep it all). The house was so full that most rooms were unusable… including the basement and garage. Adding to the challenge was the fact that many normal maintenance items had not been completed in decades! For one of us, we just could not even begin the process of clean out. Solving the practical and psychological challenges seemed impossible.

By chance, we came across place that fit our needs, and bought it with knowledge that owning 2 homes at once was NOT our plan, and certainly not financially advisable… but likely the only way to create the impetus to move on. That’s when we found Deb. She presented us with a plan, and she was personally involved in every aspect of the cleanout and fix-up. She kept us on schedule with firm but sensitive encouragement throughout the process. She has a group of tradespeople that took care of: plumbing, painting, floor finishing, wallpaper removal, outdoor work, etc.  Our job was mostly choosing what we kept, and what was to be sold or donated. I had no desire to personally perform the projects I did in my mid-thirties.

Of course, we paid for these services. I reviewed and approved all bids and estimates. I don’t think we spent any more for the improvements than what we should have completed over the past 20 years. We ended up with a home for sale that looks better than what we moved into 37 years ago!

Very likely, your needs may not be as extensive than ours. I found Deb to be professional throughout, and frankly, she was more attentive to completing this job than we were. We can highly recommend her services. And… like us, you may also end up with a new friend.

David & Kay Sadowsky, Irondequoit NY

It was a major and emotional decision for my partner of 32 years to move from our home to assisted living. Deb was an invaluable asset with this process. She is a caring and upbeat person. She had a calming presence throughout the entire process.  Deb provided guidance on items that would need to be purchased for the new apartment, where to buy them at reasonable prices, arranged for the movers and ensured everything was ready to go.  On the day of the move, things went seamlessly.  Deb was at our home early in the morning as were the movers.  Everything was picked up and within a few hours a vacant apartment was turned into a new home.  After the boxes were unpacked and furnishing were in place, Deb stayed to ensure Ed's bundled Internet connection to his computer, smart TV and phone were working.  She totally charmed the tech guy from Spectrum.  We would highly recommend Deb to anyone who is undergoing a senior transition.

Gail Yander and Ed Kohler, Fairport, NY