Frequently Asked Questions
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How does the Senior Transition service work?
I will come over so that you can meet me and I can familiarize myself with  your situation at hand.  I will then explain what I can offer to help and give you an idea of how we can go about it.  Understanding that ‘life changes’ for anyone is difficult, I am careful to work through the delicate process at a comfortable pace for the senior homeowner. I strive to be thoughtful, compassionate and flexible ... which puts everyone at ease and makes the journey a lot easier!  Look over the Senior Transition Brochure for more information. 
Will you help set up the new place for mom? 
Absolutely!  I am happy to see the project through from start to finish!  My goal is to take the burden off as much as possible, and I will do whatever I can to make sure you are breathing easy every step of the way. 
What if I’m not quite ready to move yet? 
Then you are ahead of the game and that is a plus!  There is a lot involved before moving.  Starting the process early will allow us more time and help to keep the stress at a minimum.  It also gives you an opportunity to get to know me even better, and forming that relationship is important!
How many people work with you? 
In most cases, I will be the only one working with you.  There are, however, occasions, such as a time crunch or a large job with lots of ‘stuff’, when the job warrants an assistant.  
How long does the process take?
There are several factors that determine the length of time a project will take.   I will be able to give you a better idea once we meet, and I can understand all that is involved!
Do you only work with homes of a specific price range or type?
Every house is the right type. Being relocated for business?  Downsizing? Upgrading? Moving after 50 years in the same place? Retiring to the south or to a senior living community?  There are dozens of reasons to sell a house, and all of them can be given an edge on the market with some staging! 
My house is neat and clean, why do I need to have it staged?
Having an orderly house is a big step in staging, and will be a great start!  Home Staging, however, is really the art of preparing your home for the prospective buyer’s eye.  It’s about selling your ‘house’ and not your ‘style’ or your ‘stuff’.  I will help to create a feeling of space and flow and balance that will grab the attention and emotion of a buyer as soon as they walk through your door.
Does staging really work?
Yes, Home Staging works!  I can quote you all kinds of statistics, but real life experiences say it much better.  I have decided to share some feedback that I’ve received for exactly that reason, so please check out some Success Stories and read for yourself.
Can I help?
As long as you can separate yourself from the ‘emotion’ of the process, and are willing to follow my plan, I welcome the extra hands of the homeowner or realtor...particularly for organizing certain areas and packing up ‘stuff’ that needs to be removed.  Staging your home is not likely to be comfortable though, so be sure you are in the right frame of mind before jumping in. The goal is to get your house sold!
Where will un-needed furniture and boxed up ‘stuff’ be stored?
It is best to move things completely off the property.  Although your basement or garage would seem to make sense, buyers check those spaces out and it is ideal if they are seen as spacious and clear.  The most convenient option is to use a portable storage unit, that is set up in your driveway and then stored off-site until you are ready to move it to your new home.  A mini-storage, garage or room in the house of a friend/family member are also terrific options.
Who does any painting or repairs that are needed?
If you don’t want to tackle some of the ‘homework’ beyond the scope of my staging services that may be recommended, don’t worry!  I have an extensive list of resources that I will gladly share or coordinate for you to reduce your stress level.
I have a pet, is that a problem?
Pets are not a problem, but they do require some special handling.  There is always the possibility that potential buyers either have pet allergies or are just not ‘pet’ people.  Therefore, I always stress the need to remove all evidence of pet presence in the home, including the pet itself, at least for any showings or open houses.  Packing away litter boxes, toys, feeding dishes and food packages, as well as eliminating pet hair and odors in the house, and cleaning up signs of your pet outside the house is strongly recommended.  This way a potential buyer will be able to objectively fall in love with your house itself.
What areas does LiveSimply Senior Transition & Home Staging service?
You can take advantage of any of my services in Monroe County. Parts of Ontario County and Wayne County are also within range.
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